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It’s who we are
We don’t need no camouflage
It’s the female federal
And we’re taking off

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It’s okay we didn’t get much Nora this episode, guys. She was just extremely busy. On her way to ditch the suit and turn into this sexy ass motherfucker from Rizzoli and Isles.

See? It’s all good.

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LANDRY DE LA CRUZ - 1x08 Save Me

"Everybody needs an answer and I don’t have it.”.

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LANDRY DE LA CRUZ - 1x07 Blood Brothers

I’m a bit of a lone wolf”.

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Me abandon you? I have worked like an animal for everything that I have and I never got anything but grief from you. You wrecked my childhood, you stole my money, you completely screwed up my life! You abandoned me a long, long time ago”. 

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❤ Daniella Alonso
Fan-run tumblr dedicated to the lovely actress Daniella Alonso. (Daniella played badass rebel fighter Nora Clayton on NBC's Revolution and can currently be seen on The Night Shift as Dr. Landry de la Cruz.)

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