Daniella Alonso attends NBCUniversal’s Summer Press Day.

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The Night Shift premieres on NBC Tuesday, May 27, at 10 p.m (Daniella is not in the pilot episode though.)

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Nora Clayton in 2x15 Dreamcatcher

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The vivacious Daniella Alonso teases the steamy love triangle on NBC’s

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Anonymous: when does "night shift" premiere

It is my understanding that The Night Shift is planned as a midseason replacement, but no concrete announcement has been made as of yet. It could be either winter or spring.

But apparently, and I didn’t realize this either, the show was from the beginning only planned to have 8 episodes. However, NBC has already ordered three additional scripts - bringing the total episode number to 11 [source]

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"Asshole! You scared the shit outta me!"

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❤ Daniella Alonso
Fan-run tumblr dedicated to the lovely actress Daniella Alonso. (Daniella currently plays badass rebel fighter Nora Clayton on NBC's Revolution.)

Be sure to check out Daniella's official facebook page.

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